Key to Bird Island


How does the world hold together? Where do you find Bird Island? Does the Moon really have a thousand faces? Where does the North Star point? Will Thomas and Alice manage to sort out the trouble and save the magical world behind the library? Bird Island takes you to the fantasy world where you meet Arun the son of the North Star, a brash pirate with a bunch of good-natured sailors, Al Hasen the wise man with a huge beard and a kind aunt and strict uncle.

You will set out for the quest to find a magic key to a mysterious globe, travel accompanied by the light of a magic firefly and sail on a boat full of buccaneers. You will take off on an incredible flying machine and witness the discovery of a jewel of unusual beauty, as clear as moonlight. Well, above all, you will have great fun.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy


Brno Observatory and Planetarium


2K, 3K, 4K


29 minutes


adults, general, kids

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Czech, English

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